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eleventeen v9.2.6-alpha.5 Attend 11ty Conf 🎫

About #

Eleventeen is a work in progress variation of Eleventy Base Blog, an Eleventy blog starter. The name is an homage to the Daisy Chainsaw album 👩🏻‍🎤🎶

Eleventy Base Blog is:

A starter repository showing how to build a blog with the Eleventy site generator (using the v2.0 release).

Rainbow Mode™ #

In addition to Base Blog’s killer features and Eleventy 3’s bundler-free ESM support, eleventeen sports a novel new visual experience we call Rainbow Mode, powered by Chromagen, the color scheme generator we publish under the Famebot organization. Our homegrown Rainbow Mode is wholly distinct from and not to be confused with Emacs rainbow-mode, which “sets background color to strings that match color names.”

prefers-color-scheme: rainbow #

We posit a third color scheme preference in addition to light and dark “modes,” rainbow. And here in the world of eleventeen, rainbow is the default. But we acknowledge not all sites are a match for Rainbow Mode, and still want those sites to enjoy the rest of what eleventeen has to offer, so v9.2.3-alpha.5, adds a mono option to _data/metadata.js in PR #13 that will disable Rainbow Mode if you set it to true.

mono is false by default, on purpose, because it beats making people set an option called rainbow to false, plus it might make the current {%- if not metadata.mono %} template logic in _includes/layouts/base.njk a little more resilient.

You can see mono enabled at Try toggling light and dark mode using devtools, there are links to how at the bottom to The rainbow eleventeen demo still lives at 🌈📓

Please remember to star eleventeen on GitHub ⭐️🐙